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Setting up a HubSpot integration

Enabling import of Companies, Contacts, Conversations, and Deals

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Admin access to HubSpot account

Key Features

  • Import HubSpot Contacts to Breyta

  • Import default and custom fields

  • Create scores, signals lists, and processes for imported objects

  • Send Breyta scores back to HubSpot by setting up a destination

Before you start

When setting up your workspace in Breyta, it is highly recommended that you use Default Company and People object types. The default Company and People object types in Breyta are preconfigured with HubSpot Company and Contact IDs, which serve as object identifiers and are optimized for seamless integration. By utilizing the default Object Types, you can eliminate the need to manually add your HubSpot identifiers to your Object types after integrating, streamlining your workflow.

Connecting the integration

  1. Click + Add from Breyta’s Integrations page and select HubSpot

  2. Click on Install the App
    You will be automatically redirected to the HubSpot login page

  3. Enter your username and password

  4. Select the HubSpot account you want to integrate with Breyta then ‘Choose Account’

The HubSpot connection will be initialized and you will be redirected back to Breyta. Processing time depends on the amount of data being imported.

Once the data has been synced, you’ll see the last sync time and the number of records synced/updated.

Sync times

Initial sync: Dependent on the amount of data

Continuous sync: Every hour

Data streams

In the Company and Contact data streams, default fields in HubSpot have been seamlessly converted into default data in Breyta. Any raw data that hasn't undergone this transformation can be manually converted and added to the fields in Breyta.

  • Companies: Raw data from HubSpot company objects

  • Contacts: Raw data from HubSpot contact objects

Automated functionality

You don't need to take any action regarding these data streams. The data from these streams is automatically utilized for various functionalities within Breyta.

  • Deals and Deal Pipelines: Used for the HubSpot pipeline import in Breyta processes

    • Owners: Used to map deals to the HubSpot members who own them

  • Engagement: Used for conversation tracking in Breyta

  • Tickets: Not currently in use


What are the HubSpot identifiers used in Breyta’s default Company and People object types?

  • HubSpot Account ID is a default identifier when you’ve set up the default Company object type.

  • HubSpot Contact ID is a default identifier when you’ve set up the default People object type.

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