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1. Setup backlinks - Seamlessly navigate between HubSpot and Breyta
1. Setup backlinks - Seamlessly navigate between HubSpot and Breyta

Discover the intricacies of creating a backlink from start to finish, covering the entire process in both Breyta and HubSpot

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What is a backlink?

A backlink, commonly known as a hyperlink on one website directing to another, takes on a specific functionality in HubSpot and Breyta. In these platforms, a backlink makes it easy to jump between different company and contact information.

Example in HubSpot

Example in Breyta

How to send a backlink to Hubspot

  1. From the Integration page click on HubSpot if you've connected and the sync is done. Then click on Send data, and lastly Map new connection. Here's a link leading you to his page.

2. Thereafter choose backlink that's on the top of the dropdown. Mark that you have a section for company data showing first but as you scroll to the bottom of all company data you should be seeing the a backlink data point for people data as well.

Scroll further down you'll see the person data section as this picture shows.

3. Lastly for the Breyta setup, choose if you want to create a new property in HubSpot to input the Backlink or connect it to an existing property. Pro tip: Name the HubSpot property so you easily know it's coming from Breyta.

4. We'll show a status as the field is being setup. It's done when the status shows Active, this should only take a couple of minutes.

How to enable a backlink in HubSpot

  1. After sending the backlink to HubSpot you should be able to showcase the property immediately. To configure this start with searching up a person or company in HubSpot depending on which of those to types you set it up for and click on View all properties.

  2. Next up search up the property name -> Add it to your view -> Move it to the top of your property default so you can easily navigate to Breyta.

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