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2. Create views - Data driven overview of your customers and leads
2. Create views - Data driven overview of your customers and leads
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Why use data from Breyta in your HubSpot views?

Breyta empowers you to effortlessly send three data categories—scores, signals, and properties (referred to as fields in Breyta)—within minutes. This not only provides you with the flexibility to showcase your data in diverse ways within HubSpot but also ensures a seamless experience in initiating and managing your data. Discover a variety of views below that you can effortlessly replicate, offering endless possibilities!

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🪴 Customer success views

Upsell opportunity view

Churn risk view

⚡️ Sales views

PQL view

PQA view


Step-by-step guide to sending your Breyta data to HubSpot

  1. Create your desired data point (links to more insightful articles)

    1. Score - Gives you a dynamic percentage in HubSpot

    2. Signal - Gives you a date stamp of when an object matched the signal criterias

    3. Field (Breyta) - Shows the value of the field both numerical and text format

  2. Send the data to HubSpot

    1. The steps are the same no matter which data point you wish to send. Here's a video showcasing how you setup and send signals

  3. Wait a couple of minutes after going through the flow and you'll be able to see the datapoints as properties in Breyta :)

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