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5. Showcase data - Enhance how you see your opportunties
5. Showcase data - Enhance how you see your opportunties
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You've successfully established data within Breyta and seamlessly sent them into HubSpot. Additionally, you've automated workflows to streamline both internal and external communication. Now, it's time to gain more understanding of your processes. Here are some examples to help you obtain a clearer overview of your users' current state and the ROI you get from your data points.

HubSpot Pipelines

Deal pipelines help visualize your sales process to predict revenue and identify selling roadblocks. Deal stages are the steps in your pipeline that signal to your commercial team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing.

Displaying Breyta data points on each card provides a rapid overview of the upcoming tasks. Consider augmenting various pipelines with additional data to enhance their effectiveness:

  • Onboarding Pipeline

  • Renewal Pipeline

  • Trial Pipeline

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Expansion Pipeline

In each pipeline, incorporating the Breyta health score as an emoji visually underscores the user's status, adding an extra layer of emphasis. Below, you'll find the necessary workflow filters and settings to configure this visualisation.

Here's a workflow basing the emoji's on ranges in your health score

Choose which data points you want to showcase in your deal cards. Note that you only can choose four properties.

Hubspot Dashboards

This condensed guide should help streamline the process of monitoring and optimizing signals in HubSpot for ROI assessment.

  1. Access Report Builder:

    1. Log in to HubSpot and go to the "Reports" section.

    2. Create Report

  2. Click on "Create custom report."

    1. Choose Report Type:

  3. Select a report type relevant to your signals.

    1. Set Filters

  4. Filter data based on time periods and specific criteria:

  5. Customize Layout:

    1. Arrange the report layout for clarity.

    2. Save and share with your team

  6. Regularly review and adjust strategies based on report insights.

Some examples of how you can track ROI on your signals

Filter on one or more Signals

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